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Church of the Immaculate Conception Boherbue.

The origional parish church was situated evidently where Kilmeen graveyard is today. The graves of priests are still visible - their headstones facing in the opposite direction to those of lay people.

We do not know when the church moved from Kilmeen graveyard to Boherbue village, but it was situated in the vicinity of the parocial hall. This small thatched church was also used as a school, according to the Hedge School report in 1862.

Today, the parish church in Boherbue is situated in the east end of the village. It is a beautiful, well kept, modern type building, erected in 1969 by local contractor Christy Feehan and blessed and opened by the then Bishop of Kerry, Dr, Moynihan, on April 29th. 1969.

Our baptismal records begin in 1833 with a gap from 1860 to 1863, for some reason or other.

Our marriage records begin in 1863.

So, in our history of the parish, we can safely say that accurate information dates from roughly 1830.

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