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Cornelius Galvin

Cornelius C. Galvin of Harrington Park was honoured this week by St. Peter's College, Jersey City, new Jersey after having completed twenty years on the faculty as Professor of Physics and six years as Chairman of the department.

He received the Bene Merenti Gold Medal and he, his family and friends were guests of the College president, Very Reverend Victor Yanitelli, S.J., at a luncheon in his honour.

Born in Boherbue, Cork, Ireland Professor Galvin was designated a King's Scholar on graduation from High School. He entered the La Salle State Teachers College, Waterford. On Graduation he received a University Scholarship to University College, Dublin,congalvin The National University of Ireland. Majoring in Chemistry and Physics he graduated with double First Class Honours and was awarded a research Exhibition. A year later he received his M.Sc. and H.D.E. degrees with honors. In a competitive examination open to physisc graduates from the four Irish Universities, he was plased first and was awarded a Two Year Travelling Scholarship which he elected to take at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London University, where he researched with Professor Sir George Paget Thomson, working on Electron Diffraction and Quantom Mechanics.

He has received many grants including one from the Atomic Energy Commission for the establishment of a Nuclear and Reactor Laboratory. Two grants from the National Science Foundation to design a curriculum in Medical Physics for prospective physicians and a course in Demonstration Physics. Also under the auspices of The National Science Foundation, conducts The In-Service Institute for High School Teachers. The current Institute, in cooperation with Harvard University, is a Harvard Physics Project.

He is a member of the American Institute of Physics, the American Association of University Professors, the American Nuclear Society, Sigma Pi Sigma and the Honor Physics Society of America.

Professor Galvin is married to the former Delphine Lamborghini and they have a daughter, Gwynneth, who is a sophomore at Northern Valley High School, Old Tappa.