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What is a Senior Citizen
by Nora Cronin.

A Senior Citizen is one who was here before Television,
The Pill, Penicillin, Polio Shots and Antibiotics.
We were here before Frozen Foods, Nylon, Radar,
Flourescent Lights, Credit Cards and Ball Point pens.

For us Time-Sharing meant togetherness,
a Chip was a piece of wood or potato,
Hardware meant Hardware and Software wasn't even a word.
Girls never wore Trousers, we were before Tights,
Drip Dry Clothes, Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers, Freezers
and Electric Blankets, before Men wore Long Hair
and Earrings and Women wore Dinner Suits.

We were here before Yoghurt,
the 40 hour week and the National Health Service.
We got married first and then lived together - how quaint can you get? -
we were here before Frank Sinatra and Cup Sizing Bras.

Girls wore Peter pan Collars
and thought cleavage was something the butchers did.
We were here before Batman, D.D.T. and Vitamin Pills,
Disposable Nappies, Ozone, Jeeps, Pizzas, Instant Coffee,
and decaffeinated Anything.
Wimpy, McDonalds and Burger King were unheard of,
as were Metrication and Decimalisation.

We were here before Word Processors, Electronic Music,
Disco Dancing - and that's not all bad?
In our day smoking was fashionable, Grass was for mowing,
Coke was something you burned in a stove
and Pot was something you cooked in.
A 'Gay' person was the life and soul of the party
and nothing more,
while AIDS meant beauty lotions or help for people in trouble.

We are today's Senior Citizens,
a hardy bunch when you think of how Our World has changed
and the adjustments we have had to make.