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A Millennium Mix
by Leo Leader
Over 200 items. The quoted extracts, all by Leo Leader, are published for the first time.
Copies available from:
Leo Leader,
Co. Cork.
This book has not previously been made available to the public.
The author, not having the expertise to promote it,
would welcome interest from established publishers.

Leo Leader with his wife Irene at home in Co. Cork Ireland.
A Millennium Mix.
There are few things wrong or right
And nothing black or white.
Take off your blinkered glasses.
Let in the broad daylight.

Gods Ways
The ways of God are wonderful,
But the wonder's hard to find,
When most, to keep their bellies full,
Must kill and eat their kind.

No Heroes
Don't sell your soul to any cause.
Explore the middle way.
Don't hero worship any man.
They all have feet of clay.

You could be Jack The Ripper
And Mother Teresa too,
Depending on the genes you've got
And the street on which you grew.
This raises up a problem.
The question of free will.
Some say that we've got lots of it
And others say we've nil.

Rich Man
When you are rich and at the top,
And tired of work and play,
Bring back the joy of climbing up,
By giving all away.

We know a billionth of this world
And nothing of the next.
How some are so dogmatic,
Just leaves me quite perplexed.

Joe Bloggs
When I die my friends will pray.
I'll go to heaven, no delay.
Joe Blogg's friends no prayer will say.
Poor Joe, his debt in full must pay.

If apes evolved to men like me.
Why do they still abound?
The answer is, they got their choice
And the smart ones stood their ground.

No one knows
Why is there not one highway
With one clear simple sign,
To lead us all the right way?
Your guess is good as mine
No one knows the answer.
The maker made things so.
He would have plainly told us
If he wanted us to know.

Common Sense
Do not suspend your common sense,
When thinking of your God.
So many do and wise men too,
The whole thing's rather odd.

Be nice and kind to all you meet,
At home, at work and on the street.
A pleasant word a smile or two,
Will make the day for them and you.

All Guilty
If good men will do nothing.
The bad men will have won.
All of us are guilty,
Of the good we haven't done.

Adversity is very sweet,
I've heard Bill Shakespeare say,
He never lived in Sheriff Street
Or down in Tiger Bay.

The Good Die Young
The good die young
I've heard folks say.
The boredom gets them
Near half way.

The Bore
Tell your story short and quick.
Don't keep adding more.
Long winded people make me sick.
No one loves a bore.

The Law
Be slow to go to court, my son,
Because there's nothing surer,
When all is done, the lawyers have won,
And you may be the poorer.

Early to Bed
Early to rise,
Early to bed.
Oh! what a bore,
I'd rather be dead.

Oomph and Bumph
For rich old men, who've lost their bumph
And fear there is no cure,
There's some young lass, with lots of oomph,
Whose fear is of being poor.

Thin and scrawny, looks half fed,
Drained of hormones poor in bed,
Caught in fashions grasping mesh,
Give me a woman soft and fresh.

The Old Folk's Dilemma
Afraid to wed or live in sin,
What can the old folks do,
To change the laws that hedge them in,
And start their lives anew?
If state controls were set aside
The old folk would be free,
To plan their lives and then abide
In wedded harmony.

Be Your Own Man
Why should I think as father thought,
Or do as he might do,
Although I love him, as I ought,
I'm me, not he nor you.

The Horsemen
Four horsemen ride and scourge the land,
And never slacken speed.
Their names are: Language, Colour, Race,
And the fiercest one is Creed.

The Scrounger
If you're a scrounger, tight and mean,
Your problem is a miser gene.
Your friends will notice, don't be dumb,
Pay your way, don't be a bum.
The Work of God
An evil man is the work of God
And so is the butterfly.
Each will do what each must do

Who Are We?
Who are we and whence we came.
What is our destiny?
Are we monkeys with swelled heads
Or angels yet to be?

Straying Souls
If I were God I would be mad
With so called friends who say
That I'm a sadist and will burn
Those souls that go astray.

The Racist
Is God a racist? Did he fight
The Pharaoh, Philistine and smite
Belshazzar on that awful night
When on the wall the hand did write?
and so will you and I.
Did he unfairly help the Jew?
Tis not a thing a God would do.
Does this make sense or does it fail
Or is it all a fairy tale?

Ape or Angel?
I'm your grandma, the monkey said.
' You lie, ' tis I', said Eve.
Are we from ape or angel bred?
Which one do you believe?

If sins that sent Grandpa to hell
Are mortal sins no more,
Then who will let the old man out
And even up the score?

The Tour - Life
From God knows where to God knows where,
A mystery tour , for sure.
What traveller would book a trip,
From such a vague brochure?

The Gambler
Renounce old Nick, the good priest said,
To the gambler, on his dying bed,
But he replied, being crafty yet,
Tis not the time for a oneway bet.

The Lottery
The Pope would be a Jew if he
Had a Jewish dam and da
And the Jew would be a Moslem,
If his father was The Shah.
So why should we let a lottery
Be the star that guides us to
Whatever lies beyond the vale
That fateful rendezvous.

I think, therefore I am
That I exist I have no doubt.
There's nothing else I'm sure about.
Je pense, donc je suis.
Is there anything but me?

When a loved one's laid to rest,
We all feel guilt and sorrow.
Now's the time to do, your best,
Because there's no tomorrow..

Man will die for any cause,
Good or bad or silly.
Mould him while the clay is wet,
He's a puppet willy nilly.

De Senectute
In the Winter, in December,
When the fires are burning low,
Stop the striving and remember,
Pack your bags, prepare to go.

The Pure and Chaste
Are the pure and chaste so good because
Their hormone drive is low,
Or have they brakes that I aint got?
I'd dearly love to know.

Tis the moral, not the money,
Said the righteous hypocrite,
When he sues for all the millions.
The pompous little twit.

Keep Cool
Even though you're called a fool,
Shut your mouth and keep your cool.
If you speak you'll be found out
Thus removing any doubt.

Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill had drunk their fill
But not from pales of water.
You're on the pill? I'm not said Jill
We'll chance what happens after.

The school house measures very few
Of the many gifts we've got.
The future's bright, don't feel blue,
If you're no don or swot.

An artist must accept the blame
For every blob and blot.
Can any maker wash his hands
Of a thing he has begot?

Be Not Afraid
Fear not to sleep the deep, deep sleep,
The sleep for evermore.
Be not afraid, your debt is paid
God will not ask for more.
The gloomy prophet you won't hear,
Nor the fiery zealots preach.
Their threats of doom won't worry you,
You're now beyond their reach.

Straight Talking
O, God come down and tell us straight
What we're supposed to do,
And we'll all sing from one hymn sheet,
Muslim, Christian, Jew.

When I Die
No ghost or comet you will see,
I have but one request,
That four great-grandsons carry me
And hie me to my rest.

The Exenophobe
Don't be a tribal, rigid grump,
For ever tied to the parish pump.
Open up your narrow mind,
Treat as brothers all mankind.